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Downloading and extracting album art

Album Cover Art Downloader
I use this to download cover art for CDs I’ve ripped. It displays a list of covers that match and let’s you choose the right one. It took a while to find this, as everyone links to the old defunct site which has no link/redirect to the new site.

Note: I have python2.5 installed as the default on my kubuntu feisty box, and this script won’t run under 2.5. If you run into this problem, install python2.4-minimal and run the program with “python2.4 /usr/bin/albumart-qt”.
This is a simple perl script to extract album art embedded in the id3v2 tags of an mp3 file. It’s short and easy to customize for your own needs.

I just downloaded some albums off of Amazon’s MP3 store (using windows xp under kvm – no linux version of the downloader yet), and they don’t provide album art in a separate file. lets me extract the embedded jpeg, and then I run another script to convert it to a small bmp for use with aa rockbox builds.

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