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Archive of posts tagged networking

simulating network delay in Linux

At work we are having a problem with OpenWRT, where daemons like wifidog and dnsmasq can’t get information about the wan network interface when they’re started if the wan uses DHCP and it takes too long to get a lease. I was having trouble reproducing the issue, so I decided to force some extra delay […]

Multicast routing UPnP traffic with Linux

I use my Linux desktop, which has both wired and wireless network adapters, to connect my Xbox 360 to the wireless network. My wireless driver (rt73usb in 2.6.28) does not support source address spoofing, which is needed for bridging, so I used routing instead. This broke UPnP IGD port forwarding, which uses multicast and doesn’t […]

Firewire Networking in Linux

Every time I copy data between my desktop and laptop, I think about how it would be faster if my laptop had gigabit ethernet. I have a gigabit switch and an onboard gigabit NIC on my desktop, but the laptop is slow old 100BaseT. However I do this rarely enough that shelling out 30 bucks […]