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pulseaudio module-combine arguments

I installed pulseaudio 0.9.13 in sidux (from experimental), and discovered that the FAQ about sending playback to two devices simultaneously is out of date. The correct syntax is:

load-module module-combine sink_name=combined slaves=output0,output1

i.e. the master argument is no longer used. I discovered this by looking at src/modules/module-combine.c:

        "sink_name=<name for the sink> "
        "slaves=<slave sinks> "
        "adjust_time=<seconds> "
        "resample_method=<method> "
        "format=<sample format> "
        "channels=<number of channels> "
        "rate=<sample rate> "
        "channel_map=<channel map>");

It’s always refreshing to see such clear code!

Some clients don’t seem to respect set-default-sink. I used pavucontrol to move the streams, but when playing youtube videos the process didn’t show up, so I was stuck with single card output.

UPDATE: Pulse remembers stream/sink associations, so if you run a program before using set-default-sink combined, then you will need to move it manually with pavucontrol. I also fixed my problem with flash/youtube. I was using flash 10 through nspluginwrapper, which was ignoring my asound.conf settings making pulse the default and using my sound card directly. Switching to the native 64-bit flash plugin (installed from marillat experimental) fixed the problem.

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