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sidux kernel upgrade without dist-upgrade

Update: sidux is now called aptosid, updated package name.

Debian “lenny” was released mid Feburary, and since then experimental packages have been making their way into sid much more quickly then usual. This makes dist-upgrade a bit dangerous, but kernel upgrades are not installed when doing a normal upgrade. Here’s a shell command I use to upgrade just the sidux kernel:

dpkg -l *2.6-aptosid-amd64 | grep '^ii'  | awk '{print $2}' | xargs apt-get -y install

Replace amd64 with 686 if you’re not running 64-bit. This works because all of the sidux kernel packages (image, headers, *-modules) end with 2.6-sidux-amd64 (2.6-sidux-686).

To remove old kernels, I use kernel-remover from the sidux-kernelhacking package.

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